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WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions And Answers 2024 Expo

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions And Answers 2024 Expo

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Waec animal husbandry 2024 exam is categorized in to 3 parts, 

  1. Waec animal husbandry essay 2024
  2. WAEC animal husbandry objective 2024
  3. WAEC animal husbandry practical 2024

And with N1000 only, you will get solutions to both Theory, obj and practical animal husbandry exam.

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions And Answers 2024 Expo

The west African examination council (WASSCE) scheduled animal husbandry paper to kick of on 3rd august 2024. 

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Area of Concentration for Animal Husbandry WAEC 2024

1. Animal Health
  • Defining terms related to animal health.
  • Identifying signs of good and ill-health in animals.
  • Understanding factors that make animals susceptible to diseases.
  • Assessing the effects of diseases, pests, and parasites on animal production.
  • Learning about zoonotic diseases and their prevention.
  • Exploring pathogens of farm animal diseases.
  • Dealing with ectoparasites and endoparasites.
  • Preventing and controlling parasites.
  • Recognizing the economic importance of parasites.
2. Introduction To Animal Husbandry
  • Understanding the meaning, scope, and importance of animal husbandry.
  • Identifying problems in animal production.
  • Ensuring the quality and safety standards of animal food products.
  • Classifying farm animals.
3. Animal Nutrition
  • Introduction to animal nutrition and its importance.
  • Exploring different modes of feeding.
  • Understanding feedstuffs, feed supplements, and their classification.
  • Learning how to formulate and prepare animal feeds.
  • Handling and storing animal feeds.
  • Record-keeping and estimating the cost of prepared feed.
  • Dealing with pests of stored feed.
4. Introduction To Environmental Physiology
  • Understanding the internal and external environment of animals.
  • Recognizing the role of the nervous and endocrine systems in animal responses to stimuli.
  • Determining temperature and respiration rate in farm animals.
  • Assessing the effects of climate on farm animals.
  • Modifying animal environments to reduce stress.
5. Anatomy And Physiology Of Farm Animals
  • Learning the basics of animal anatomy and physiology.
  • Exploring the digestive system and its functions.
  • Understanding the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and the endocrine system.
  • Examining the integumentary, skeletal, and muscular systems.
  • Studying the reproductive system of poultry and livestock.
  • Understanding the circulatory system and respiratory system.
  • Learning about the excretory system.
6. Genetic Principles And Animal Improvement
  • Understanding heredity, basic genetic terms, and Mendel’s first law of inheritance.
  • Recognizing the meaning, objectives, and benefits of animal improvement.
  • Identifying performance traits in animals.
  • Exploring methods of animal improvement.
  • Considering nutritional and environmental factors affecting animal improvement.
  • Learning about artificial insemination.
7. Monogastric And Domestic Pet Production
  • Poultry production, including definitions, classes, breeds, and systems.
  • Pig production, types, breeds, systems, and management.
  • Domestic pets, their management, training, and marketing.
8. Ruminant Production
  • Sheep and goat production, including breeds, management, and processing.
  • Beef cattle production, breeds, systems, and management.
  • Dairy cattle production, breeds, management, and processing.
9. Non-traditional Animal Production
  • Rabbit and grasscutter production, breeds, importance, and management.
  • Snail farming, meaning, species, site selection, and management.
  • Establishing enterprises in animal husbandry.
10. Range And Pasture Management