Area of concentration for chemistry WAEC 2024

Area of concentration for chemistry WAEC 2024

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Area of concentration for chemistry WAEC 2024

1. Acids, Bases, And Salts

  • Definitions of acids and bases.
  • Properties of acids and bases.
  • Acids, bases, and salts as electrolytes.
  • Classification of acids and bases.
  • Concept of pH.

2. Introduction To Chemistry

  • Measurement of physical quantities.
  • Scientific measurements and their importance in chemistry.
  • Scientific methods, including observation, hypothesis, experimentation, formulation of laws and theories.

3. Chemical Bonds

  • Interatomic bonding.
  • Formation of ionic bonds and compounds.
  • Properties of ionic compounds.
  • Naming of ionic compounds.
  • Formation of covalent bonds and compounds.
  • Properties of covalent compounds.
  • Coordinate (dative) covalent bonding.
  • Metallic bonding and properties of metals.

4. Structure Of The Atom

  • Gross features of the atom.
  • Atomic number, number of neutrons, isotopes, atomic mass, mass number.
  • Dalton’s atomic theory, J.J. Thompson’s experiment, Bohr’s model of the atom.
  • Rutherford’s alpha scattering experiment.
  • Relative atomic mass (Ar) and relative molecular mass (Mr) based on Carbon-12 scale.
  • Characteristics and nature of matter.
  • Particulate nature of matter: physical and chemical changes.
  • Electron configuration, orbitals, rules and principles for filling electrons.

5. Periodic Chemistry

  • Periodicity of the elements.
  • Different categories of elements in the periodic table.
  • Periodic law and trends on the periodic table.
  • Periodic gradation of elements in the third period.
  • Explanation of the periodic law and periodic properties.

6. Chemistry, Industry, And The Environment

  • Chemical industry, pollution, biotechnology.
  • Basic Biochemistry and Synthetic Polymers:
  • Proteins, amino acids, fats/oils, carbohydrates.
  • Synthetic polymers, properties, and uses.

7. Redox Reactions

  • Oxidation and reduction processes.
  • Oxidizing and reducing agents.
  • Redox equations, half-reactions, and overall reactions.
  • Electrochemical cells, standard electrode potential.

8. Stoichiometry And Chemical Reactions

  • Symbols, formulae, and equations.
  • Laws of chemical combination.
  • Amount of substance and mole ratios.
  • Solutions, concentration terms, standard solutions.
  • Preparation of solutions by dilution.

9. Standard Separation Techniques For Mixtures

  • Classification of mixtures.
  • Separation techniques: crystallization, distillation, precipitation, chromatography, etc.
  • Criteria for purity.

10. Energy And Energy Changes

  • Energy and enthalpy.
  • Energy changes and their effects.

11. Solubility Of Substances

  • General principles of solubility.
  • Saturated and unsaturated solutions.
  • Solubility curves, solubility expressions.
  • Effect of temperature on solubility.
  • Crystallization and recrystallization.

12. Chemical Kinetics And Equilibrium System

What should I read for WAEC chemistry?

Acids and bases, solubility, chemical kinetics, redox reactions, industrial chemistry, environmental aspects, biochemistry, introduction to chemistry, atomic structure, separation techniques, periodic chemistry, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, states of matter, energy changes

How can I get a1 in WAEC chemistry?

1. Cover the waec chemistry syllabus 2. Study hard 3. Study past questions 4. Practice 5. Start preparing very early 6. Join Turial classes 7. Ask your chemistry teacher for any question or assistance 8. Use the waec e-learning portal 9. Subscribe for expo if you can not read by chatting 08023429251 on WhatsApp. 10. Be praying